Friday, October 28, 2011

Help us celebrate the Black Ball

To celebrate the upcoming Black Ball the Barber’s Daughters is re-launching the Keep a Child Alive Inukshuk Dog Tags. Proceeds of each necklace will be donated to help support children with HIV/AIDS in India and Africa.

Inspired by the ancient Inuit rock sculpture known as the Inukshuk. The word Inukshuk is derived from the Nunavik words Inuk- (“person”) and –suk (“substitute”). Each Inukshuk is a representation of a person, empowering one with the strength to carry on, or guidance down the right path. Often they’re used as cairns to represent the continued leadership and motivation of the deceased in the world.

We believe the Inukshuk is a symbol to inspire those around us; to help us remember and give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. Each piece represents a vision of a brighter future and the strength to bring it about. The Keep a Child Alive foundation offers the gift of life to those living with HIV/AIDS in India and Africa.

In the words of Gisele:

“I’m using the Inukshuk to honor the human spirit, be a symbol of your journey, and a marker that you have found your way.”

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