Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black Ball, NY, 2010

Fun was had by all at the Black Ball again,
It was an honor to have part of it .

Each donation of $1ooo. in the Buy Life campaign received the Inukshuk Dog Tags.

This annual celebrity ball/fundraiser for Keep A Child Alive is the best organized event I've witnessed to date.
Attracting the great talents, beauties, and minds of the western world, inviting a public display of heart.
All combined, raised over 2 million in one night. WOW!

Performing was KCA's ambassador Alicia Keys, Sade, Jay Z, Swizz Beatz, Janelle Monae.
Uma Thurman lead an auction and Deepak Chopra spoke. The audience was riddled with faces such as
Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Usher, Stephen Lewis, Joe Brown, Suzie Cue,
or the many other extraordinary unsung heroes.

The painfully effective art installation that made statistics of a child dying every 2 minute unfathomable.

We closed our eyes to share in breath and purpose guided by Deepak Chopra .

Sade beguiled the audience with her sultry presence and closed with a beautiful duet with Alicia.

Uma Thurman led the Buy Life campaign.

The radiant Alicia and Swizz were major contributors to an awesome party.

The evening's greatest champion of compassion is Leigh Blake. Founder of KCA
who stops at nothing to make a difference.
In her fiery way if she hasn't coined something 'mega' it isn't enough.

Whatever we have to do, its worth it- it's life!

We can start with deepening our breath then thank ourselves for that gift.

in love with love for life,



  1. awesome Gisele, you have such a warm spirit and I am happy that the universe connected us through our friend Carmen.

  2. Always an amazing event, and glad it was so incredibly successful!