Sunday, April 13, 2014

Book of Life Chapter V and you wrote it

Happy Spring, It's time to introduce 2014's Chapter V for The Book of Life Collection.

Deciding what new pages would best meet the year unfolding was tough.
Patrycja, Jolie and I sat with the suggestions many of you sent throughout March.
I'm still smiling with gratitude for the beautiful and creative participation.

To expand the sentiments of  I am.. I dream.. I breathe..

courage   May you have an enough courage to support a village..

deeply inspired   Let your life be deeply saturated in inspiration..

                                                    in awe   We don't have to dig too deep to stay in awe.

because of my children   I am because we are and how lucky is that.

the essence of passion   Let it fuel your ability to spark something greater than you'd ever imagine.

the mystery   Always be willing to dance in the mystery
for it's more real than anything we think we know.

the silver lining   Develop the ability to see multiple layers of silver linings.

with grace   Aim to walk with it regardless of circumstance.

with lightness of heart   Release your heart's burdens into the light often and renew.

Winners will be notified in the next week. If we used your suggestion
and have not contacted you, please email me.

in constant gratitude and awe,

no matter what, live inspired

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