Friday, May 3, 2013

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I wanted to share a beautiful story 
that's fresh in my mind since we're approaching the first Mother's Day that my
mother can't hear our praise, at least not as we knew it.

For her 75th birthday I gave her a journal and asked her
to please write her stories for the generations to come.
Since I was the 8th and last living child, I knew there was so much I hadn't known.
My mother was one of 11 children and she and my father
were pioneers in a remote village in Cape Breton,
imagine the stories.
She did write her story but requested it not be read until she was gone.

She died in the last days of 2012.
Although it was seventeen years since she was given the book, no one forgot.
I took the book and made copies for all her children.
After the funeral, my daughter Gala and I curled up in a cozy corner
of the house and read her story.

Wow.  This was one of the most remarkable gifts.  

To honour Mothers we decided to gift a beautiful journal
with every purchase over 150, for you to encourage your Mother
to write her inspirations, her trials, her glories.  
I can guarantee you, it will be different than you think.

Honour her journey. 

Gather the HERstories.

Love to you and the Mother in us all.

your G

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