Thursday, June 21, 2012

with love from Paris..

Oh Paris, how fine you are..
Just landed here for a few days 
from Plum Village. 

My first stay in Plum Village in the summer with spectacular
blinding sun in a field of wild poppies.

There are 700 people currently in PV from around the world
for The Science of Buddhism retreat.

Plum Village is celebrating 30 years today of living, teaching 
and sharing mindfulness. There'll be big festivities (monastic style) 
with an exhibition of his calligraphy and an exhibit of Thay's life 
journey and teachings.

 I shared strawberries with the Buddhas on the hill;-)

Delivered the pewter 'being peace' 
medallions to the bookshops

and received the french calligraphy organized for
the next medallions.

to share a bird's eye view..

formal lunch procession to the great hall.

embrace of love amongst the coming and going.

excited retreatants for the first lotus.

It delights me that we're now able to deliver message jewellery 
in a range of alloys for every budget. People's response to  
the pewter medallions and it's inexpensive price points of $30.  
inspired us to create other pieces in pewter for the up and
coming events. 
We will show them at Grail Lady Faire in Bancroft next week,
Muskoka Arts and Crafts in Bracebridge mid July and will of course 
have them in our new Studio Gallery. (but call first)

I'm always interested in what's in your heart,
please share. 

sending love from Paris.. mindfully,


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