Wednesday, February 15, 2012

concluding Month of Gratitude..

the Month of Gratitude exercise is over, and
acts of love WERE born..

There were many entries, thank you all.
The random act of kindness that touched me the most
 is by a woman I met who lives in a wheelchair from a car crash.

She shared of a family member who was suffering greatly
for the loss of her husband. Jennifer put together a package of
how she transforms her own suffering. Along with suggestions
of journaling, she included a sketchbook and
made her a mixed CD with comforting and fun
songs to dance to.

No matter what our situation is in life, when we reach out to help 
others, the effect can be the most powerful healing to our own life.

Let's change our attitude about all we've been through
to one of gratitude, and we''ll change our life.

Jennifer W of Toronto, thank you for sharing.
I hope the gift of this silver heart rock always
reminds you of your beautiful heart.

in gratitude,

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