Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day of remembrance

Remembrance Day, a day where we remember those that sacrificed their lives during military conflict, specifically for those who fought for our country during World War I. This is a time to be aware of the horrors of war, and what our loved ones and friends went through, and continue to go through; but it is also a time to be proud of our national identity and how our country has helped shape the progress of the world.

The loss of life is always regrettable, for when you die, you are not only robbed of a now, but of all possible. How many of the soldiers that died in World War I had families that mourned them? How many would never have families? How many promised their wives or girlfriends the moon on a plate when they got home? How many made that promise to their children? Their parents?

How many of those promises were broken by the horrors of war?

But they didn’t die alone. Whether in the trenches of World War I, or the landing craft of Juno Beach, the unsung heroes of the Korean War, or the modern Peacekeepers in Afganistan today, each soldier will always have a strong band of brothers around them. These men form bonds with each other as strong as the bonds of family, a bond formed by the horror and danger of war. When one brother falls, each and every man feels his pain, and mourns his passing.

When each person passes, he has infinite support from his brothers in arms, and is remembered and mourned by all; but often the family still at home doesn’t get that kind of support, doesn’t get to feel that level of inclusion and love.

So we ask that of you today; that you join us in supporting the families of those lost at war, to support those who lost portions of their lives, and remember the sacrifices many we know continue to make. Please join us in remembering those that came before us, those that paid with their lives for the world that we live in, and those that continue to pay today to help bring that prosperity, freedom, and choice to those that don’t have those things.

Lest we Forget.

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