Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Martha dies at 106

A tremendous treasure was lost.

The sweet wee Scottish ball of love and acceptance
that won the hearts of everyone that met her
left this earth today at 106.

Martha Park -
you totally touched me and will remain in my heart's lining.
For our beautiful mother, Rita whose both challenged and blessed with Alzheimer's
at this time of loss,
you've been a friend, a mother, a sister, roommate, duet and a gift.
'You Are My Sunshine' will never be the same.

Although this internal garden feels like winter now,
I look forward to what will grow from the seeds you've watered.


If you've had the good fortune to be touched by such an elder,
raise your glass high!

I remain committed to illuminating the beauty I see within
the depths of everyone I meet.

love- G

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