Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Love and hug it away

Why is it that when we are in love our whole being is filled with compassion and we can easily see the best in everyone we meet. And when we are not in love, not inspired, we become critical on everything and everyone. Is this proof that when we are in love, we have met a mirror who reflects our love and respect for our core self?

When I was a young lass, I remember an wise elder telling me "you will not attract what you want in life, but what you are." These were scary words at the time and have/will remained a honing tool for self reflection. What if we even embraced dark times as an opportunity for a break through, not associate it with break down? hmmm

I just revisited the video Free Hugs Campaign and am thrilled that it had 58,574,483 viewings. From me to you, even if you're seeing it again, hug someone/everyone and BE love.

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