Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camino de Santiago de Compostela


At least one time in most people’s life we experience a burning desire to go searching for answers before we can even articulate questions. A time when we need a challenge outside of the lives we know. Some people invite this challenge often, me included. Pushing the boundaries of not just what I think but how I think and not just what I feel but how I feel. Walking the hills of Northern Spain on the ancient pilgrimage known, as the Camino was such a challenge. Having an opportunity to take my inner journey on a physical sojourn surpassed my high hopes.

The Camino de Santiago has both historical and spiritual significance and is also known as the Way of Saint James. There are many routes but all end in Santiago de Compostela. The path I took was Camino Frances. It’s about 800km, although with time restrictions I walked the last 225 kms over 10 days.

There are many reasons why people walk the Camino: Some as a spiritual discipline, some as a walking meditation of self-discovery, a test of endurance and survival or just a walk in nature. All complete with constant reminders to be present.

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