Friday, June 8, 2012

Studio Gallery Hours

The Barber's Daughters Studio Gallery 
doors are open Monday - Friday 11-6 
and sometimes Saturdays.(I love to be there on a Sat if I'm in town.) 
call the studio for updates.. 416-979-3456

Tonight I'll be in until 8:00..  there is a cool art exhibit on our floor.
If you're in the hood, drop by, see the exhibit, say hi, come shop..
I'll be in the studio tomorrow also 12 - 5 .

688 Richmond Street West, Unit 101
(just west of Techumseh)

As you know there is a sweet community unfolding here with Gary Diggins, Soundwork
Kirk Austensen, The Industrealarts Room and The Barber's Daughters studio. 
We are all excited, humbled and open to what wonder unfolds, so..

evening of JULY 6th for the 

The Ground Floor,
where the inner journey. 

big love


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