Friday, February 25, 2011

sounds like an exquisite chime..

B a n g l e m a n i a..
Endless bangles of endless pages! Since creating these hand hammered
bangles recently,
they haven't come off my wrist. As a matter of fact
more keep making their way there;-)

There is a soft, delicate beautiful chime sound from them.

We've done them in 2 sizes and 2 thicknesses and have priced them as singles,
groups of 3,
groups of 7, sterling and 14kt gold.

We've also done the pages in 14kt.

You can wear 3 pages on 14 bangles or 10 pages on one. Anyway you want it,
it's beautiful and fun.

come play with me !

Until they make it to the website, email me for prices. I'll get right back to you.

I remain dedicated to illuminating the beauty I see in the depths of the people I meet.

Love- always G

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